Resist false hope: America under Trump is in big trouble — and there’s no going back

Mainstream “hope peddlers” keep telling us everything will be normal again. But it won’t — time to face the truth.

The United States is a sick society.

It is a failing democracy. By that measure, America is no longer truly “exceptional” among nations.

Income inequality and other forms of social inequality are limiting the life opportunities of many Americans.

Mass shootings and other forms of gun violence are a public health crisis. Our nation leads the world in mass murder by guns, an ignoble distinction

For much of the American population, lifespans are getting shorter. The Republican Party’s policies are actually killing and hurting those Americans who are not rich.

Loneliness and social atomization are increasing. Politically, the U.S. is paralyzed by extreme polarization and “negative partisanship,” especially among Republicans and conservatives.

Donald Trump’s white rage politics are normalizing white supremacy and overt racism.

The American right hates the very idea of government (especially in the form multiracial democracy) except as a means of protecting its political power. The basic idea of government as a means of solving common problems through collective action is anathema to today’s conservatives. The public commons is being gutted.

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