Time Radio

Imagine if you would, stumbling upon a radio that belonged to a great scientist in a museum.  After ignoring signs asking you to not touch the display, you discover it still works and it is much more than a simple communications radio.  This radio allows you to communicate to with yourself 20 years in the past.  The box would appear to past self at that time for a brief moment allowing you to converse.  However there are some limitations and rules with this radio…. You have a short amount of time, so you can only relay three things.  Either ask a question, or give words of wisdom.

  • Would you warn them about historic events?
  • Personal tragedy?
  • Who will win the SuperBowl?
  • Who will be president.
  • Or will you attempt to warn them about 9/11.

How would your past-self handle knowing the dramatic changes in history that is about to happen in the years to come.

Is that something that you could convince them of?

So what would your short three wisdom/questions be before time starts running out?

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