Why Trump’s Des Moines rally should make Democrats nervous

But one thing struck me. Whether they backed him in 2016 or were more recent converts, one factor that his supporters kept bringing up was their feeling that he had delivered on his promises in a way other elected officials have not.

“I wasn’t [a Trump supporter] in 2016,” said Adam Hanson, a Des Moines-based attorney who spoke for Rand Paul in the caucuses four years ago. “I was one of those Never Trump Republicans back then … During the caucuses and even into the general election, I just, I was not a big fan. I didn’t think he’d deliver. But in the past few years, I’ll admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Trump.”

Hanson said he saw Trump as a bit of a “grifter” in 2016 but has been enthused by his judicial appointments and the performance of the economy.

He added, “I’ll admit I was wrong. And if I had to do it over again, I would have voted for the president then.”

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