Golf cart protests intensify in the Villages, as one anti-Trump Florida man receives threat

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“Be very careful if the well being of your family is of importance.”
That’s the threat Ed McGinty of the Villages said he received in the form of a hand-written note left on his door. McGinty, who was a counter-protester at a recent pro-Trump Villages golf cart parade, evidently has a reputation that precedes him. And, he says, that led to the note.

According to, who refers to McGinty as a “well-known anti-Trump protester,” this threat is part of the reason he hit the streets using – what else? – his golf cart, decked out with signs calling Trump all kinds of things: “Hitler And Trump Exactly Same DNA,” “Trump Bigot and Racist,” “Trump Is A Sexual Predator,” “Trump Filthy Pig,” and “Trump Compulsive Liar.”

On the afternoon of Jan. 28, McGinty said people either stopped by for a rare moment of solidarity (the Villages being overwhelmingly Republican) or sped by in cars with middle fingers locked and ready. He said Sumter County sheriff’s deputies stopped by because so many people called them to complain. McGinty said the deputies told him they couldn’t do anything about his protesting and noted he can’t impede traffic.


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