University students demand school provide BARF BAGS on Monday after Super Bowl

Jon Street, Campus Reform

  • University of Kansas student senators voted on a resolution to ask the school to cancel classes on Monday.
  • The resolution reportedly asked the chancellor to provide barf bags on campus the day after the Super Bowl if it does not cancel.

The University of Kansas student senate voted on a resolution calling on the chancellor to cancel classes on the Monday after the Super Bowl or at least scatter bags around campus for students who have to go to class after a long night of partying and drinking.

While introducing the resolution, one student leader pointed out that 75 percent of students at KU are from Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska and are “inclined to root for the [Kansas City] Chiefs” as they take on the San Francisco 49ers at the Super Bowl in Miami on Sunday.

He said that multiple students had asked the student senate to petition the administration to cancel classes for the big game.

According to the Kansas City Star, the resolution cited the “health” of students as justification for taking a day off.

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