A Maui family will lose $32 thousand after a cruise line refuses to refund their trip to China

he travel industry is acting fast to prevent the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus by halting flights. Both Delta Airlines and American Airlines are cancelling all flights to China, and United Airlines has already drastically scaled back their China routes. 

The announcements coming after the State Department increased the travel advisory to China on Thursday to level four advising Americans not to travel to China.

But Maui resident Pua Morrison has a tough decision to make. She and seven family members are scheduled to leave on a cruise in the next couple of days that stops in Hong Kong.

Now that the disease is rapidly spreading across China, they are afraid to go and want to cancel, just to be safe.

Morrison said she’s been pleading with Norwegian for the past couple of days but every time they tell her the same thing.

“(Norwegian Cruise) is saying, ‘we understand the situation’ and ‘safety is our number one issue’ and ‘we would never put any of our passengers in harms way. But the bottom line is if you cancel you lose all your money,’” Morrison said.

Morrison said they paid $4,000 each–a total of $32 thousand dollars.


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