Dependence Day

Are you independent of God because you’ve got a life to live?

Or on the fence because the bible doesn’t make sense?

Well, if and when you’re ready for a change, here’s what to do:

Set Christ in front of you, always (Psalm 16:8). Consciously go about your business thinking on him. It’s not a mantra-thing; it takes practice to make progress. Wait on God.

Set you in front of Christ, always (1 John 1:7). Consciously go about your business in full view of him — your thoughts, attitudes, intentions and actions ever under the gaze of God.

You will begin to listen to the words of God, and you’ll find yourself talking to him in lieu of yourself, and you’ll get together with like-minded folk to discuss him. 

You’re already aware that Christ Jesus is the one mediator between you and God — you know what to do.

That’s it. Start today, now. ‘Now is the day.’

If you put him off now, you’ll likely continue til your dying day.

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