Massive Brexit Celebration Destroys Years-Long Media Gaslighting

For years after the people of Britain voted to exit their alliance with the European Union and reclaim their sovereignty as a nation the media has been selling us the narrative that a vast majority of the population regretted it almost immediately. They told these stories over and over while pro-EU politicians and their minions in the press scrambled for any way to remain and ignore the will of the people. Here’s a sampling of those reports from a Google search.

  • Why many British voters are having Brexit regrets PBS 2017
  • Is Britain swept by Brexit regret? Eurnonews 2018
  • YouGov poll: Brexit regret is at its highest ever, Business Insider 2019
  • Poll: A majority of British regret voting for Brexit, BusinessInsider2018
  • Does Britain regret Brexit? Crisis and Confusion, NZ Herald 2018

You get the point. If you do your own Google search you will come up with far more than these few examples (more are screengrabbed below). But I ask you: does this sound like regret? Here’s the real reaction by actual British people (and not the ones “polled” no one ever seems to know) to Britain finally leaving the EU. I particularly love Big Ben chiming in the background. It sounds like freedom.

Once again, the media has been caught gaslighting you and they’ve been doing it on this subject (and lots of others) for years. Check out the following screengrabs of this shell game.

Massive Brexit Celebration Destroys Years-Long Media Gaslighting If this disconnect between the actual public reaction of tens of thousands of people celebrating in the street and the fake public reaction the media tries to sell doesn’t convince you that fake news is one of the greatest threats to freedom that we face, nothing will. They’re straight-up lying to you. Major media has become nothing but shameless collaborators with big government, globalist, leftists. Do you see it yet?

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