Democrats’ Total Failure and Utter Humiliation Delights All Real Americans

Now that the Democrats’ dream of stealing the 2016 election through the power of MSNBCNN-fueled outrage, and through plots by fussy lib bureaucrats, lies in ruins, some people might argue that we should be gracious in our total victory and not mock the stinging pain that accompanied this latest agonizing failure. Some people are sissies. Hoist a stein overflowing with the tears of these losers and chug chug chug away.

Then tap another keg. This party is finally getting started, and it’s going to rage on until January 2025. 

Maybe even longer, if you listen to the Bozos, Pennywises, and Krustys they find for those CNN panels. Their genius takeaway from their soul-crushing defeat in trying to impeach Donald Trump for the crime of revealing the massive corruption of Senile Joe and his son Snorty Strippertap is that Trump might decide to never leave office. That’s a good point. What would they do if he didn’t? Take up arms like real men would? Yeah, right.

They will take what they are given and like it.

Let’s face it – the Democrats in Congress have zilch to show their constituents next fall except videos of Adam the Anime-eyed Lollipop and Oompa Nadler losing in the Senate. And their primary is a disaster of epic proportions and it’s hilariously funny. Here’s how bad it is: Beto the Furry fell out and the stupidity/insanity axis actually rose. 

Just last week, Chief Sitting Bolshevik assured her baffled audience that she would allow a trans nine-year-old to pick her Secretary of Education. Leaving aside that there are no “trans” nine-year-olds, only disturbed children egged on by terrible liberal parents who delight at how converting Kaden into Ashleigh will make themselves interesting, you at least gotta hand it to Pocahontas. That’s some incredible sucking up to the weirdo fringie set by the only person of color remaining in the race.

The rest of the Dems are failing too, each in their own way. Gropey J is staggering about, the unwatched impeachment clusterfark having done only one thing – made people wonder why that loser dope-huffing, sister-in-law-tagging son of his got millions from Ukrainian crooks. Bernie Sanders might well be the nominee, setting off a Democratic panic and ham-handed attempts to create a lane for Midget Mike. Wait, I thought billionaires were bad? Anyway, ripping off Bernie again will spark a sissy civil war with lots of whining and pinching and it will be hilarious and terrific….

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