U.S. sees shadow, predicts 10 more years of GWOT

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WASHINGTON — An unsettling fog descended in the early morning hours as onlookers camped out in anticipation for the ceremony: Would the U.S. emerge from its Pentagon and observe its shadow?The annual ceremony occurs early in the month of February, with the new year fresh in everyone’s hearts, and resolutions clear in everyone’s minds. The U.S. has, year after year, emerged from its den to announce its annual prediction of Forever Wars: the Global War on Terror.

This clockwork endeavor has repeated year after year after year after year after year after … well, it’s been awhile. An endless cycle, much akin to the movie Groundhog Day starring the fabulous Bill Murray. Man, he’s so cool. What a great actor. Makes you sort of want to hang out with him some day.

Recent years have been especially riveting, with many leaders within the den of the U.S. announcing concerns over forever wars.


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