SOTU Message Will Stand in Contrast to Dems’ Failed Efforts

Democrats are headed into this election year with nothing more than a handful of failed attempts to impeach the president and they are terrified. Instead of focusing on the work of the American people, Democrats chose to try to impeach President Trump, first for firing the corrupt former FBI Director James Comey, then for their infamous Russia hoax. Rashida Tlaib even introduced an impeachment resolution with no evidence or accusation of wrongdoing; instead she wanted to afford vague powers to the House Judiciary Committee to look for something — anything — to impeach President Trump. Talk about a fishing expedition.

Democrats’ partisan motivations are clearer than ever in their accusations of quid pro quo and withholding aid to Ukraine, despite evidence to the contrary.

In spite of these disgraceful attempts to remove the president from office, he has persevered to deliver real results for the American people.

It’s a good time to be an American worker. President Trump has delivered on h

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