Tennessee man arrested for breaking in shoe store at night to have sex with dozens of sandals

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Police officers had quite a surprise last night when they answered a call concerning a break-in at a Payless ShoeSource store in Jackson, Tennessee; they stumbled upon a naked man having sexual intercourse with a sandal.

The Jackson Police Department received an automated call from the store’s security system around 3:30 AM this morning reporting a possible forced entry.

Upon arriving on the site, the officers noticed that the discount footwear store’s front window had been broken and that some of the lights had been turned on inside the building.

The officers called for backup and decided to enter the store to look for possible intruders.

Jackson Police Department spokesman, Captain Barry Little, described the unusual seen awaiting the policemen inside the building.

The officers recognize 33-year old John Larsen, a crystal meth addict with a long criminal record for touching and photographing women’s feet without their consent.


Article URL: https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/tennessee-man-arrested-for-breaking-in-shoe-store-at-night-to-have-sex-with-dozens-of-sandals/

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