San Francisco city water chemist found guilty of adding pheromones to tap water to ‘turn population gay’

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Jeffrey Bain, 43, has been charged with endangering public health, safety or the environment in the second degree with the motive of “attempting to modify by chemical means the population’s sexual orientation.”

Bain was forced to admit in court he had lowered the thresholds for levels of pesticides and pheromones allowed in the city’s tap water by up to 4000% on his work shifts because he believed “they made people turn gay.”

Some health experts claim this is a historically unprecedented experimentation on a mass scale on any American city population ever to occur.

“Studies have shown that in countries where restrictions on pesticides and pheromones do not exist, such as China, levels of the homosexual population have skyrocketed. One of every two people in China is now gay,” one expert told us when reached by phone.

Some experts believe the experimentation could have begun under his mentor, Eildreich Bunderberg, a German-American chemist who presided over the city’s tap water facility for over 35 years.


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