Local transgender women targeted, discriminated against

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NORFOLK, Va. – Anjeni Moore has known who she was from a very young age.

“At the age of four I knew that the anatomy that I saw didn’t match who I was internally,” she said.

As a transgender woman of color, she knew her journey wouldn’t be easy, but it was one to fight for.

Although many transgender women across the country don’t have the chance to fight for their lives because they are killed in the process. Hampton Roads isn’t immune to this violence and hate.

In 2015, the first murder of the year was to an African American transgender woman. 30-year-old Lamia Beard was shot to death and her killer was never found.

“We never got justice for that. We never got justice for that,” her friend, Tarena Williams said. “She was one that really hit home for our community because it was like we hadn’t had a transgender murder in years.”


Article URL: https://www.wtkr.com/news/local-transgender-women-targeted-discriminated-against

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