Pete Buttigieg builds an electability case in Iowa

Results are still trickling in from the Iowa caucuses, but Pete Buttigieg looks like he just might win it. If he’s able to pull it off, it would be perhaps the most surprising Iowa victory in the caucuses’ half-century at the front of the nominating calendar: the gay, millennial mayor of a relatively small Midwestern city beating a bunch of senators and a former vice president.

And perhaps as encouraging for Buttigieg moving forward is this: He did it with a remarkably broad base of support. It’s the kind of base, in fact, that might tempt Democrats to believe in the electability of a candidate whom few ever gave any hope of actually facing off with President Trump in the general election.

The Iowa results, it’s important to emphasize, don’t put to rest extremely important questions about whether Buttigieg can win among minority voters. Iowa is an overwhelmingly white state, and that’s a problem he’ll need to address to have any shot at the nomination. But they do suggest he’s got substantial appeal to just about every other demographic group — at least in this one Midwestern state.

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