Woman rolls over her husband 39 times with her SUV after surprising him in bed with her grandmother

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The Richmond Police Department (RPD) received a call around 8:30 PM last night reporting a road rage incident in the Lakeside neighborhood.

Upon arriving on the site, the officers saw a Ford Escape model SUV driving back and forth aggressively, and rapidly noticed a man lying motionless on the ground below the vehicle’s tires.

The officers intervened and were able, at gunpoint, to get the driver to stop her rampage.

According to RPD spokesman, Lt. Craig Smith, 28-year old Samantha Warrens was infuriated and kept screaming obscenities as she was getting arrested.

Lt. Smith says that during Ms. Warrens’ arrest and while she was still frantic, her grandmother came out of the house in lingerie to explain the whole thing.

She told the policemen that the young woman had returned from work earlier than usual and caught her grandmother and her husband naked together in a 69 position.


Article URL: https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/woman-rolls-over-her-husband-39-times-with-her-suv-after-surprising-him-in-bed-with-her-grandmother/

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