2 Suspects in Custody After Entering Walmart and Spreading ‘Coronavirus’ Substance

Two suspects were taken into custody Thursday after allegedly spraying a substance on thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise and claiming to have the coronavirus in an Illinois Walmart.

At about 4 p.m. on Sunday, the Joliet Police Department responded to a call from Walmart concerning the suspicious incident, according to a Facebook post.

One of the men seen on the store surveillance video was wearing a yellow medical mask and a homemade sign taped to his back that read, “CAUTION I have the CORONA VIRUS.”

The suspect with the mask was seen spraying some kind of liquid on beauty products, health products, clothing and produce.

The substance was later identified to be Lysol spray. Walmart told the police that the store had to be professionally cleaned, and that tossing out the damaged produce would cost them about $7,300, while additional cleanup would cost about $2,400.

“It’s not really good to be pranking people that way,” Prokes said. Because of the severity of the situation, “people will be scared.”

Wallace is scheduled to appear in court for the second time on March 6. The 17-year-old is scheduled to appear in juvenile court on March 5.

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