Facepalm: MSNBC Host Finds Out Gerrymandering Not Cause of GOP Success. The Democrats Just Suck.

When Democrats don’t win, they will always make a case that they’re either right or that the system is racist. The Iowa caucus was a disaster. Let’s nuke it. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Let’s nuke the Electoral College. And when Republicans win on the Hill, oh—it’s not significant because the Democratic members of Congress actually represent more people or something. It’s idiocy on a grand scale. It’s the epitome of sour grapes. It’s the grotesque display of entitlement from the Left who think every election contest should be won they them. That’s not how this works.

Often times in a democracy, your side loses. The Left is once again trying to make the case that the Trump impeachment push was popular, despite swing state voters hating it and nationally having support numbers that are well underwater. The media bubble is dense, folks. And the liberal media has once again showed that they simply don’t know how to handle the Trump era. It’s also very fitting that MSNBC Katy Tur made this point about gerrymandering: the ultimate boogeyman in liberal politics, though they do it as well in blue states. It’s the nature of politics. What she should have known is that you cannot gerrymander a state and that each state gets equal representation in Congress. It’s just a dumb point to make, which The Washington Post’s Philip Bump subtly undercut. You cannot gerrymander a state; it’s just that the Democrats don’t win because they’re sucking. Tur made this point after the Republican Senate gave totally acquitted President Donald J. Trump on the hyper-partisan charges lobbed against him by vicious and vindictive Democrats earlier this week (via Newsbusters):


Again, it’s just another way for the liberal media to tell rural voters, Trump supporters, and working people that they don’t matter. It’s a gross attempt to degrade their voices and representation in our government. It’s truly appalling, though it gets out base unified and animated. Remember, these people are not your friends and they hate you.

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