Twitter Demands Attorney’s Fees from Nunes’ Lawyer for Trying to Unmask @DevinCow Through Unrelated Lawsuit

Attorneys representing Twitter this week demanded that Rep. Devin Nunes’s (R-Calif.) attorney Steven Biss pay for the legal fees incurred by the company in responding to a subpoena demanding the personal details and direct message history of @DevinCow, the satirical Twitter account purporting to be one of Nunes’s cows.

While Nunes is currently suing Twitter in Virginia–one of several active frivolous lawsuits–the subpoena for @DevinCow’s identifying information was issued by Biss in a completely unrelated case with seemingly no justification.

In a scathing 24-page motion to quash the “defective and unlawful” subpoena, Twitter’s attorneys identify multiple reasons why they would be barred from complying with the demand, even if it were pertinent to the case.

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