Airplane Seat Puncher Has Internet Divided Over Whether Reclining Is Rude or OK

To recline or not to recline, that is the question — unless of course you’re in the last row or in front of an exit row. No air travel etiquette issue invites more heated debate among travelers than this one, and the argument reignited this week over a viral video of a man aggressively reacting to the passenger in front of him exercising her right to recline.

In a brief video taken by the recliner, a bald, bearded man appears to repeatedly punch a seat headrest while making a couple inaudible comments that seem to be directed to the blonde woman ahead of him. While few people are arguing in favor of this response, commenters seem completely divided over whether he is the only jerk in this situation.

The video was reshared by numerous accounts and outlets, and people quickly divided into camps. Team “Recline Em If You Got Em” and Team “Reclining Is Rude AF.” In the interest of full disclosure, I belong to the latter camp, but do not condone how the seat puncher chose to vent his frustration. Use your words! Kindly ask the person in front of you to please put their seat up if it is pressing against your knees.

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