As Coronavirus Cases Jump to 60K Overnight, Marines Release ‘Pandemic’ Plan

The Marines’ plan focuses on several aspects, all chosen to maintain operational integrity for the force and secure the safety of the American people.

To ensure a healthy fighting force, the message describes an intervention and quarantine plan for personnel that may have been exposed to the virus, as well as plans to contain the virus should outbreaks occur.

The Marines’ message also lays out support for civilian authorities and the U.S. government during any future efforts to combat a pandemic.

4. Administration and Logistics. This MARADMIN has been coordinated with HQMC Operations Division, HQMC, Health Services – Preventive Medicine, and HQMC Judge Advocate.
5. Command and Signal. A. Command. This MARADMIN applies to the Total Force. B. Signal. This MARADMIN is effective immediately.
6. Release authorized by SES Randy R. Smith, Assistant Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies and Operations (Security).//

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