Beijing, Other Chinese Regions Declare ‘State of War’ Against Coronavirus Outbreak

Two Chinese districts in virus-stricken Hubei Province have issued “wartime management” orders barring people from leaving their apartment buildings, as the country battles with the deepening coronavirus crisis that has spread mounting fears across the globe.

Zhangwan district in Shiyan city of Hubei Province was first to implement the order and lock down residential buildings.

Starting from Feb. 13, all residential areas in the district will be placed under “wartime management,” according to a notice posted on Wednesday evening.

Individuals in the district—except for medical workers, outbreak prevention officers, and those delivering basic living supplies—are no longer allowed to leave their apartment buildings, it said.

‘Extraordinary Move’
The district’s outbreak containment unit said the measure was an “extraordinary move” implemented as it was “left with no alternatives.”

It said they will roll out the measure for two weeks before deciding on whether or not to continue with the restrictions.

Earlier on Monday, residential neighborhoods in the entire Hubei Province had banned visitors whose body temperatures were over 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

Local cadres and property management officers will be on shift 24 hours to enforce the policy, the notice said. Anyone who tries to break this rule will be arrested.

The notice added that neighborhood committee officers will arrange to deliver food and other basic living supplies to people’s doors at specific times. The authorities will also set the prices and decide what types of goods to deliver.

A few hours later, Dawu County, also located in Hubei, similarly issued a 14-day residential building lockdown. “In one sentence: don’t go outdoors,” a staff member at the Dawu government office told Chinese newspaper National Business Daily.

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