Bastard children – YHWHism vs Humanism

I suppose that there are some amongst you who would find offence at the very use of such a word as “bastard”, certainly used in a pejorative sense… those of my grandparent’s generation on the isle of my birth would only use the term in a technically correct sense, and then only in hushed tones. Still… words are words; offence is taken, not given; and the topic for today is bastards.

Growing up, and learning of what a “bastard” was… a child *adopt sotto voice* born out of wedlock… I remember being glad that I was not a bastard, given the disgust with which those around me of an elder persuasion openly showed more loudly in their hushed tones than had they shouted it from the rooftops. Then, of course, I read the Bible and formed a very poor impression of children born out of wedlock… since I believed that I was reading God’s own instruction manual at the time – don’t blame me too hard, I’d first read the Bible through as a believer by the turn of teenhood.

So… what does the Bible or, rather, what does the text central to all YHWHist faith say on the subject of bastards?

Well, here’s a choice quotation:
“A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.”

So… here’s a question or two for y’all:

Is there anything inherently less worthy about a human baby conceived out of wedlock than a human baby born whilst the parents have been happily married a seemly time? Would you be prejudiced against a person based solely on whether their parents had been married at the time of their birth? Would you always look down your nose and have suspicions if baby was born shortly after a hasty wedding? Are bastards more likely to end up in Hell?

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