CNN marked Valentines Day weekend by promoting “the benefits of being single,” even as birth rates across America and Europe continue to plunge.

In an article entitled ‘Singles Awareness Day: The benefits of being single’ – the news network highlights the fact that “The number of American men and women who have never been married, are divorced or living alone has been on an upward trend for several years.”

The piece cites research by Dr. Elyakim Kislev, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who believes “being single can be an advantage instead of a source of agony.”

“The fact is that many societies see tremendous growth in the single population and we need to change this image we have that being single means you are frustrated, less worthy or abandoned.” said Kislev.

Presumably ‘changing the image’ will be achieved with the aid of CNN providing a sympathetic platform for such social engineering.

Since being single obviously greatly reduces the chances of people having children, the article serves as yet more anti-natal propaganda even as America’s fertility rate continues to plummet.

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