Why won’t you believe?

There’s an entire philosophy dedicated to the HOW quantum physics works. Quantum mechanics is never questioned just applied to just about every tech out there today. If you want to know what’s happening…they send you down the hall across campus to the philosophy department. That’s a fact.

The double slit experiments and the Copenhagen explanation prove we know very little scientifically about the true nature of our reality. You can look it up. In the fifties there was serious debate to WHAT humanity was really IN…what was the nature of our reality. The physical reality up against the subatomic, quantum reality. Guess which one won.

So a missing limb, an amputee would just be absent mass or matter in the form of a leg or arm etc. Like the quote from Einstein says…all matter is just energy tuned down to be perceptible.

Science knows that all possibilities exist in the invisible world. Empty space for example…isn’t empty at all. Even the most supposed absence, a vacuum is chock full of quantum particles fluctuating in a field.

That leg exists…in another possible existence, the wave field. According to quantum physics it definitely exists…as sure as laser beams cut and signals operate in your remote control. According to that science…that amputee HAS a leg. In the subatomic unseen, invisible dimension it’s there. It exists as a wave of probability…all states. And so…how does it manifest in THIS reality we call our physical reality? By collapsing that wave probability into a specific one. How? By a special type of observation and measurement . It’s not just looking at it or measuring it.

Faith is a measurement and observation with expectation.

Jesus said…as you believe you shall receive. Faith is trust in that word. All things are possible…for those that believe.

Science says that is a real possibility. The amputee definitely has a leg in A POSSIBLE REALITY. That’s a fact of quantum physics.

The matter is…getting it here, into this physical reality. You need scripture to to that…and covenant with God. Faith comes from hearing the word.

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