Here’s exactly how Michael Bloomberg is surging

1) Moderates: Bloomberg has emerged as the top choice for Democratic voters who view themselves more in the ideological middle of the party. He takes 29% among moderates as compared to 23% for Sanders, 14% for Biden and 13% for Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. 

2) Non-college whites: This was one of the pillars of Biden’s support going into this race — he’s from Scranton! — but no longer. Among this group, it’s Sanders who leads with 34% followed by Bloomberg at 24% and Biden at just 10%. (Among all white voters, Bernie leads with 29% followed by Bloomberg at 18% and Warren at 15%. Biden takes just 9%.)

3) Old(er) voters: While Sanders has a massive lead over the field among voters younger than 45 (he’s at 54%!), it’s Bloomberg whose the top choice of the 45 and older crowd. He takes 27%, to 22% for Biden and 13% for Sanders.

4) Small-town/rural voters: Yes, it’s not exactly the most obvious fit: the guy who spent more than a decade running New York City performing well among people who lives in small towns and rural areas. But here we are! Sanders leads among these voters with 28%, but he is followed closely by Bloomberg at 24%. Biden takes 13%.

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