Meghan McCain tells co-hosts they’ve done ‘piss-poor job’ convincing her to vote Dem in ‘View’ showdown

Meghan McCain sparred with co-host Joy Behar on “The View” over the possibility of Michael Bloomberg squaring off against President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The co-hosts locked horns Tuesday over the billionaire’s presidential campaign as they reacted to news that he qualified for the upcoming Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McCain admitted she was glad to see that “he’s finally gonna have to man up” by joining the other 2020 contenders on the debate stage, criticizing the “cheap way” he has been running for office so far by opting out of primaries and not facing off against his rivals.

A new NPR/PBS/Marist poll released Monday showed that the ads funded by the billionaire have apparently paid off, landing him in second place and paving the way for his first stage appearance with his 2020 rivals.

“So, then you’re not going to vote,” Behar exclaimed, throwing her hands up. “You’re not voting for Trump and you’re not voting for a Democrat, you said that already.”

“You know what, you guys have done a piss-poor job of convincing me that I should vote for a Democrat,” McCain shot back as co-host Whoopi Goldberg tried to cut to commercial break.

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