Like a defiant teenager, Donald Trump continues to push the POTUS envelope… because he evidently can:   

  • The courts have not been able to stop him (see tax returns and financial disclosures blocked**
  • The politicians have not been able to stop him (see Mueller Report, Impeachment)
  • The law has not been able to stop him (see high crimes and misdemeanors)
  • The generals, while they lasted, were not able to stop him (see Mattis, Kelly, McMaster)
  • Twitter has not been able to stop him (see insulting tweet storms at all hours of the night)
  • Bad poll numbers have not been able to stop him (steady low 40’s)
  • The Evangelicals have not been able, or haven’t wanted to stop him (see judges, abortion, porn stars)
  • Big Macs and KFC buckets have not been able to stop him and his svelte 239 lbs (see greasy fingers)
  • Lack of sleep hasn’t stopped him (he hates those weak-looking little slivers of death)
  • Even the weather, with his perfect storm (lost by 2.8+ million popular votes) didn’t stop him
  • I suspect that the reverse of what could happen on 5th Avenue wouldn’t even stop him (I dare not say it)

His financial number may be up, however, when the SCOTUS, next month, takes up the case against his continued hidden financials:



– Do you predict that Trump’s heretofore financial information will finally be revealed for all the world to see? 


– Do you predict that the now majority conservative SCOTUS will continue to enable his covert “financial ways?”



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