The following are dark truths you will never hear in a mainstream newspaper or on a mainstream network. They are safely guarded secrets the press doesn’t even know about.

Closed as old news – T9R

  1. His hair is real – his personality is real – his intentions are real – what he believes and says is real – he is real effective in office based on his performance thus far.
  2. He is a brawler that fights back when attacked and has an uncanny ability to make those who he criticizes come off as PC and disconnected with mainstream American society.
  3. He works on vacations (structures time efficiently so that he is accomplishing his agenda at all times) – literally every day he has had a public meeting or signed legislation/addressed needs of American people
  4. His children turned out better and more well rounded than the people-who-attack-him-for-being-monster’s children
  5. He pays more taxes than a vast majority of globalist fat cats who make money off of money (instead of the service sector which lives and dies on a strong economy)
  6. He found a way to bypass the distrustful media by delivering his messages directly to the American people
  7. He has a deep respect for our military and those who serve to keep us safe in our cities which are over run by thugs – a result of big metro democrat run cities and decades of failed policies.
  8. He has literally 7–8 times the number of achievements in half a term than Obama had in all eight of his disastrous years.
  9. He has worked to solve problems of minority communities unlike the mismanaged race bating democrats who’s ideas cause pain and suffering in their communities.
  10. He has never had a drink in his life yet is happy and full of energy all the time (build to enjoy life and use every minute productively)
  11. Likes Tacos and Burgers – in better shape than a majority of the reporters half his age who criticize his cuisine in their one-sided blogs and failed papers.

John Keefe

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