‘We will have papa and mamma’: Putin says no to gay ‘marriage’ in Russia

A story in Life Site New, a right-wing Catholic web site quotes Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that the traditional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman should be added to the Russian constitution. Nothing new in this as Putin has been noted for his dislike of homosexuality.

What aroused my interest were the comments on this story.

we have to be thankful that at least one major world power is in line with scripture on what a family is and what marriage means in the eyes of God

If only our leaders in Canada had that kind of backbone

The West may be saved by a converted Russia.

Salvation will come from the East. Putin and Russia are leading the way. Russia will save Christendom

This is why our marxist overlords hate Russia.

1989 was a great victory for the people of Central and Eastern Europe.

It was the beginning of the end for civilisation in the West.


It seems that to certain bigoted people nothing is more important than keeping the LBGTQ community in the trash can. Nothing is more horrific and damaging to society than same sex marriage, not even the man who presides over a failing state like Russia and who would like to see the west follow.

Why is it that this visceral hatred of homosexuality is so rooted in the Christian and other religions?

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