Doctor refused to remove my breast implants to avoid ruining ‘Sports Illustrated body’

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A Big Apple-based personal trainer says a doctor refused to remove the breast implants she was convinced were making her sick — because he didn’t want to ruin her “Sports Illustrated body.”

Fitness influencer Bec Donlan, 33, told RealSelf that she got the implants 11 years ago because she was “self-conscious” about being born with a concave chest.

The Australian native loved her new breasts so much, she was willing to overlook fears that they were behind a series of health woes, including “crazy stomach problems,” chronic fatigue and numbness.

“I had heard of breast implant illness, but I thought it sounded like bulls–t — and to be honest, I didn’t care, because I really loved my boobs and didn’t want to give them up,” she told RealSelf.


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