Europeans Appear Unimpressed With Our Beautiful American Health Care Choices

While watching Chelsea vs Manchester United yesterday on NBCSN, during halftime there was a Good Rx commercial where the guy is asking a woman if she would like to fill her prescription, he pulled up the phone and showed her that the same pill can cost from $10 to $90 depending on the area. And that Good Rx can help her fill the prescription with the cheapest prices.

Now someone please explain to me how in the ever loving fuck is it possible for a drug to cost 10x more depending on your location !? Don’t they have constant prices like in the rest of the civilized world !?

Edit: the answers to my inquiry are even more fucked up. What the fuck America!? You’re getting robbed in broad daylight.

LOL of course not. That would be communism! So someone explained to him that also too, the insurance company decides how much a prescription should cost you and how much of it they think you will need. This, too, surprised the Europeans.

Are you saying that the insurance company decides how much you’ll need, rather than an impartial doctor?

Choices, am I right? But if insurance companies agree to cover you for everything a doctor says you need, they might not make a profit!

Another answer that I always see on these threads is the classic “OH MY GOD YOU PAY SO MUCH FOR AMBULANCES! THAT IS INSANE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?” because, shockingly enough, people think it is messed to charge $5,000 for a ride to the hospital, particularly when the person often has no choice. This is generally followed up by many stories from people who paid ridiculous amounts of money for an ambulance they were in no position to refuse. And then something like this:

My sister had an epilepsy crisis while on a school trip in the middle of the French mountains. They sent an helicopter to get her to the nearest hospital. My parents had to pay a whooping €3 or something which was the cost of the parking while they waited to pick her up. The helicopter ride and hospital treatment were free.

Ha! Do you know how much an air ambulance costs here? A median of $39,000! Although it can go up to six figures. Imagine that! You have some kind of emergency in an area that can’t be accessed by a regular ambulance, or you live in a rural area so far from the nearest hospital that you, or your kid, can only take an air ambulance and will die otherwise. And boom. You’re in an absolutely crushing amount of debt. And these people in France just get to go for free.

I will NEVER understand why you guys allow children to not be guaranteed free health care and dental care! Why aren’t you up in arms over this, protesting in the streets? They’re CHILDREN, why on earth would a rich country not guarantee free health care to all children?! I don’t get it.

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