Watch the Shameful Moment When the Only American Flag is Removed From the Debate Stage

In case you were wondering if the Democrat Party had suddenly decided to actually stand for hardworking Americans, they haven’t.

Last night in Las Vegas MSNBC hosted the Democrat debate just ahead of Saturday’s caucus voting.

It was a raucous night that was an absolute sh*tshow of arguing, name-calling, misinformation, and confusion.

The only winners of the night were President Trump and the American people, who saw firsthand what an absolute disaster the Democrat Party is.

It’s really perfect symbolism, isn’t it?

The party that has abandoned the American worker in order to pander to illegal aliens with promises of “everything free” removes the last symbol of “America” from their stage.

There is no better way to showcase how far down the globalist tubes the Democrats have fallen than by removing Old Glory from the stage.

Democrats aren’t representing America. They’re representing the globe and their own personal interests – they proved that last night in Las Vegas.

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