Bodycam footage shows cop ducking down to avoid being hit by friendly fire during gunfight with anti-Semitic attackers who killed three

  • David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50, killed a New Jersey police officer before driving to a kosher grocery store
  • At the market they killed three people, owner Mindel Ferencz, 31; employee Douglas Miguel Rodriguez; and shopper Moshe Deutsch, 24,
  • One police officer exchanged bullets with them from Sacred Heart Catholic School across the street
  • Bodycam footage shows him ducking down at one point to avoid being hit by friendly fire
  • He eventually stands up after screaming that he’s an officer and not an attacker   
  • Anderson and Graham were eventually killed after a lengthy gun battle with cops
  • Police say they were fueled by a hatred of Jewish people and law enforcement 
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