Couple Arrested After Driving Kids With Trump Flags on Their Bicycles Off The Road Shouting ‘Y’all Scared, Just Like Your President’

Perry-Jones was also heard asking one of the boys if he was a Trump fan in the video, which the boy responded that he was.

NWI reports: “Snapchat video obtained by police shows the Malibu, driven by Perry-Jones, swerve the wheels sharply ‘as if he saw the boys and wanted to hit them with the vehicle’ while yelling ‘Y’all better get home,’ court records state.”

The couple was also heard swearing at the boys and demanding that they “pull that flag down.” They also threatened to beat them up if they reported the incident to police. Perry-Jones said that if police questioned him, he would claim that the boys called him a racial slur.

Perry-Jones drove through several people’s yard to chase the boys.

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