Ex-Obama DHS Official Defends ‘Kids in Cages’ Started by Obama

On Thursday morning, Fox News again displayed the kind of good journalism that is so often lacking on the more liberal networks, as Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked former Barack Obama administration DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson about the cage-like structures that his administration built to hold illegal immigrants, including children.


The former Obama administration official recalled the construction of the cage-like facilities and defended their use for the safety of the detainees, especially children:

JEH JOHNSON, FORMER OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DHS SECRETARY: Well, look, any time you have a surge in the number of people crossing our Southern border — men, women children — the existing infrastructure can’t handle it, and so the solutions are not pretty. And so very often when we have a surge of kids, we’d have to go out and find a very large space like a warehouse, and you have to partition the young men from the young women — the kids from the unrelated adults with chain-linked partitions which some people would call cages.

Fox News contributor Tom Homan — who has decades of experience enforcing immigration laws — has also previously recalled that it was the Obama administration that built the cage-like facilities that liberals often blame on President Trump.

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