Swarm of billions of locusts plaguing Africa totally decimated after eating Monsanto GMO crops

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An enormous swarm of locusts estimated to between 8 and 12 billion insects was reduced to a few hundred individuals after it entered a Somalian property used by the agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology division of Bayer (formerly Monsanto) to grow experimental GMO crops.

The gigantic swarm which covered more than 95 square miles had devastated several regions of Kenya earlier this year before crossing the border into Somalia.

These insects are known to eat and digest every known vegetal material on the planet when swarming, eating their own weight every day of any plant’s leaves, branches, roots, and even hardwood trunks.

The swarm arrived at a field held by the Bayer Crop Division (the new name of Monsanto since its sale to Bayer in 2017) to grow experimental soya designed to produce whiter margarine.

A journalist who was following the locusts for the Somalian National Television, Abdiraxman Mohamed, described the totally unexpected events that followed.

“The locusts started dying one after the other! Waves after waves, over several days… the insects just took a bite or two and died, creating enormous piles of dead bodies.” 

“Billions of locusts died and less than 10 acres of crops were damaged. It’s absolutely miraculous! These crops are the best poison ever!”


Article URL: https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/swarm-of-billions-of-locusts-plaguing-africa-totally-decimated-after-eating-monsanto-gmo-crops/

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