“Unity Candidate” Pocahasbeen goes on the Warpath

In her concession speech after the New Hampshire primary, Pocahasbeen cautioned her fellow Democrat candidates about attacking each other.  She would be the Great Unity Candidate  – drawing together the disparate factions of the Democrat base under her banner.

“We cannot afford to fall into factions,” said the fourth place finisher.  “We can’t afford to squander our collective power. We win when we come together.”

Do a Twitter search of “Elizabeth Warren” “Unity Candidate” and you’ll see that Warren’s tribe of faithful followers have all been dutifully tweeting out the message that Pocahasbeen is the “Unity Candidate.”

She’s all about bringing us together!

She alone can unite the party and defeat Donald Trump!

Yeah.  Then last night’s debate happened.

Turns out “Elizabeth Warren: Unity Candidate” is as phony as “Elizabeth Warren: Cherokee.”

Faster than you can say “DNA test,” the “Unity Candidate” tossed aside her calls for civility, mounted her high horse and went on the warpath.

All in hopes of destroying the artificial rise of Mini Mike Bloomberg.

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