Mike Pence Wiped His Nose With His Hand Before Shaking Doctors Hands At Coronavirus Press Conference

The gist of how everyone wants you to respond to the coronavirus mostly boils down to normal hygiene: wash your hands, don’t touch your face and keep your distance from people that appear to be sick.

Vice President and coronavirus czar Mike Pence violated all of these rules in one fell swoop during last week’s coronavirus press conference when he wiped his nose with his hands, moments before shaking the hands of doctors on the stage tasked with combating the ongoing virus outbreak, according to The Independent.

Pence’s appointment has already been controversial, with many claiming he is “anti-science” and has a lack of medical experience.

Others have said he is dangerously slow to respond to health crises, as indicated by his response to an HIV/AIDS outbreak in his home state of Indiana while he was Governor.

Following this press conference last week, in which President Trump said the virus was under control, dozens of more cases and several deaths have been reported in the U.S.

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