What does it mean to be pro-life?

Self-identified pro-life conservatives on this forum have told me that any abortion is morally unacceptable, because fetuses are people, and alive… and it is wrong to kill people.  It’s wrong to kill people because you find them inconvenient.  It’s wrong to kill people because they will have a difficult life because of health conditions.

Laws should be put in place to stop people from having abortions.

I am now dealing, on this forum, with self-identified conservatives who think it’s unreasonable to hold up the economy because there’s a contagion ripping through the population, which is very likely to kill people with health problems, or who are older.  They think it’s wrong for the government to have policies in place constraining their actions, and their wealth, to save lives.

I promise there’s some overlap in people who think abortion should be illegal, and people who are anxious to get the economy rolling again… and if extra people die to kickstart the economy… oh well.

So… I’m curious, what do you think it actually mean to be “pro-life?”

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