NYC’s Elmhurst Hospital at coronavirus breaking point as 13 patients die in 24-hour span

New York’s Elmhurst Hospital is at a breaking point amid the coronavirus crisis — with 13 patients dying there in a 24-hour span, officials said Wednesday.

The number of deaths recorded at the Queens facility between Tuesday and Wednesday was “consistent with the amount of ICU patients being treated there,” a spokesman for the city public hospital systems said in a statement.

“Elmhurst is at the center of this crisis,” said Christopher Miller. “It’s the number one priority of our public hospital system right now.”

“Staff are doing everything in our power to save every person who contracts COVID-19,” Miller said.

“But unfortunately this virus continues to take an especially terrible toll on the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions.”

Officials say the 545-bed hospital is overrun and in desperate need of supplies.

It’s currently operating at more than 125 percent capacity, compared to its typical 80 percent capacity rate, a source told Patch, which first reported that the hospital was overwhelmed.

“It’s like working at a field hospital in the middle of a war zone,” one ER nurse told The Post.

“New patients are lined up the doors and there aren’t enough beds to hold them. Equipment is running out faster than we can restock it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

According to the New York Times, some people have died inside the emergency room while waiting for a bed.

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