Point/Counterpoint: Lt. Gen. Laura Richardson should do her job vs. Mrs. Richardson should do more for her husband’s FRG

The following regards the involvement of Lieutenant General Laura Richardson, a dual-military spouse, in her husband’s Family Readiness Group. The point is presented by Lt. Gen. Richardson’s spokesperson. The rebuttal is offered by Mrs. Karen Webster, a spouse in the FRG of Mr. Richardson’s Army Futures Command.

POINT: Lt. Gen. Richardson should do her job. She swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution and to faithfully discharge the duties of her office, which is currently Commander, U.S. Army North.

COUNTERPOINT: When Mrs. Richardson said her marriage vows, she also vowed to support her husband’s Family Readiness Group. Just like the rest of us. 

POINT: Lt. Gen. Richardson is responsible for the readiness of the entire Fifth Army, which includes over 125,000 soldiers. 

COUNTERPOINT: Mrs. Richardson’s husband leads almost 25,000 people—plus robots—at Army Futures Command. Mrs. Richardson owes it to him, these families, these robots, and the robots’ families to step up her volunteer game. I mean, where even was she for our Wine & Wives Zoom last night??

POINT: Lt. Gen. Richardson attended a video teleconference late last night with the White House to discuss possible Army North responses to the coronavirus crisis. She regrets having missed Wine & Wives. 

COUNTERPOINT: I am going to flood Mrs. Richardson’s phone with an inordinate amount of texts regarding our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. It’s all hands on deck to fill those eggs with that candy. Mrs. Richardson, you can pick up the plastic eggs from Michael’s right??? Hello??? Are you there?????

POINT: We sincerely apologize for the delay! Lt. Gen. Richardson has been working with the President, Joint Task Force Civil Support, Canada, and Mexico to develop potential courses of action to stymie the coronavirus outbreak in North America. 

COUNTERPOINT: Answers needed!! Mrs. Richardson, *plz* confirm that you can pick up the eggs and meet us at Susan’s at 10AM to help fill the eggs. There will be ~~mimosas~~!! 

POINT: Lt. Gen. Richardson says that she will be there, and yes, she can pick up the eggs from Michael’s.

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