Chuck Schumer made sure businesses controlled by Trump, his family, and top US officials couldn’t get money from the government’s $2 trillion coronavirus bailout fund

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer secured an agreement in the $2 trillion federal coronavirus stimulus package that would bar businesses owned by President Donald Trump, his family, top US officials, and members of Congress from receiving money from the fund.

An aide to Schumer told Reuters that under the proviso, businesses owned by Vice President Mike Pence and heads of executive-branch departments would also be barred from receiving loans or investments under the Treasury Department programs.

The Senate and the White House early on Wednesday agreed on the massive stimulus package to help American workers and businesses mitigate the devastating economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

Under the deal, millions of Americans whose livelihoods are imperiled by the pandemic would receive billions of dollars in direct payments and expanded unemployment aid, and states and businesses would receive loans and other financial help.

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