Study: 84% Of Christians Show No Symptoms Of Following Jesus

U.S.—An alarming report released on Wednesday indicates that 84% of Americans who identify as Christians show no symptoms of actually following Jesus.

The report states that a majority of people who say they are a “Christian” or a “follower of Jesus” did not display any of the anticipated outward signs. Study participants were screened for expected marks including daily reading of God’s Word, regular prayer, belonging to a local church, tithing, choosing humility over self-righteousness, openly talking about their faith, repenting of obvious sins, and other visible fruit of fully trusting Jesus with their life.

In a similar study, subjects who named Jesus in their Instagram profile, retweeted sermons and Bible verses, or frequently listened to K-Love did not always test positive for genuine faith in Christ. Experts say the only reliable method for testing the authenticity of faith is to get down on your knees for at least 30 seconds and humbly ask the Holy Spirit to examine your heart.

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Well, as a long time participant on our Religion channel… I can say this article is pretty true. Rarely have I observed some of our more “Real Christians” acting anything like their Jesus. Am I wrong? What do the non-toxic Christians on our channel think about these “True Christians” making your religion look bad?

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