Trumps Begging For Corona-Handouts In UK And Ireland Now Too, Because #Poor


Bloomberg is now reporting that there are governments the Trump Organization is definitely welfare queening, and they are the United Kingdom and Ireland. You see, Trump has stinky trashy failing garbage golf resorts in those countries too, and poor-ass Trump ain’t got no money to pay the bagpipe players, due to aggravated poorness. 🙁

Commence to weeping:
The Trump Organization is seeking U.K. and Irish bailout money to help cover wages for bartenders, bagpipers and other employees furloughed from its European golf properties because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Overseas businesses owned by U.S. President Donald Trump can tap government funds meant to help retain workers. In the U.S., by contrast, they’re specifically written out of the enormous U.S. economic relief package.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is such a fucking tremendous billionaire (allegedly), so it’s kinda, you know, fuck you. Who’s footing the bill for Trump’s foreign emoluments outposts, which were losing money anyway, in the time of coronavirus? Taxpayers in the UK and Ireland.

Martin Ford, an elected official in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where one of the resorts is located, said that a similar standard should be applied to Trump, who’s boasted of his billions.

“The huge tab for this will be borne throughout the whole population through higher taxes,” said Ford, a longtime critic of the Trump resort. “If what he says about his personal wealth is true, Trump doesn’t need the money, and I don’t see why U.K. taxpayers of the future should be helping him out.”

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