New Crowd Limits Still Not Big Enough to Accommodate the Klassens


After very few new cases in the past week, the Manitoba government has decided to ease the limits on public gatherings. Starting Friday, Manitobans, other than the fertile Klassen family, will be allowed to gather in groups of up to twenty-five if they’re in the barn or fifty if they’re out on the yard knacking zoat at a safe distance from the zoat pile.

Some of the Klassens have been staying with Mrs. Klassen’s “nearly childless sister Doris” who only had nine children of her own and so could accommodate a few more.

“This pandemic has been really difficult on us Klassens,” said Mrs. Klassen. “If it wasn’t for getting to skip church, it almost wouldn’t be worth the hassle.”

The Klassens are petitioning the provincial government to consider the plight of Manitoba’s Klassens before making any future re-opening decisions.

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