“Truth” over facts

In a piece this morning, I came across this sentence, which I thought would be a good opportunity to discuss a weird phenomenon that is troubling some of us.

“The latest example is this week’s uproar over Trump supposedly taking hydroxychloroquine, medically unsupported for use as treatment or prophylaxis against Covid-19.”

This is an empirically untrue statement.

“If Trump really is taking the stuff, which some critics doubt…”

And a weird new conspiracy theory…


There have been a large number of studies, some going back more than a decade, which show that HCQ is, in fact, an effective treatment for corona viruses.

There have been a few recent studies which question the effectiveness of HCQ as a treatment.

The majority of studies are on the plus side. Adding AZ and Zinc seem to increase effectiveness.

In addition, a recent survey of doctors showed that HCQ (with and without other supporting drugs) was judged to be the most effective treatment for the current coronavirus outbreak.

Beyond that there are hundreds of first person accounts of both patients who believe HCQ beneficial to them, and doctors who have seen good effects.

HCQ has been around for decades and is saved when used per a doctors instructions.

The VA is using HCQ.

Many, many doctors are prescribing HCQ, including the President’s physician.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons states that HCQ has a 90% chance of helping patients.

While on almost any issue, there is room for debate, it is absolutely a false statement to say that use of HCQ is “unsupported.” You can feel free to argue the relative merits – but there is evidence and facts that back up it’s use.

We have a real problem in America. And that is that, in the leftist mind, “truth” no longer equates to “facts.” Facts can be ignored in favor of the narrative. And the long running narrative now is that “orange man bad.” And orange man must be bad no matter what he says or does.

People are being denied a treatment which has been shown to be effective because it deviates from the narrative. This is not only dangerous in the here and now on this issue,  but paints a troubling picture going forward.

How can we as a nation get leftists to abandon “the narrative” and embrace objectivity?

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