Christianity Declares Its Monopoly On Truth

Once again, a Christian posts to the Religion Channel, declaring his religion has a monopoly on truth.

<b>One Christian’s Claim To A Monopoly On Truth</b>

Here’s the original quote:

Dr Peter Masters: “A world without God does not recognize God-given standards. It has no ‘Book of God’ explaining His purpose. It denies life after death. It offers no motives, or effective help to overcome personal wrongdoing, and to live a better life”

1. Personal wrongdoing–including motivation for overcoming same–is provided in other religions and philosophies. The notion that Christianity has a monopoly on overcoming personal flaws is bankrupt, and always has been.

2. “Living a better life” is well provided for in other philosophies and religions. Again, Christianity has no monopoly on providing a foundation for a “better life.” The idea that Christianity has such a monopoly is one of Christianity’s most arrogant–and inevitably fatal–flaws.

<b>The Questions</b>

A. Does anyone accept that Christians actually have a monopoly on truth?

B. Why do Christians imagine their doctrine is the only truth?

C. How has Christianity misunderstood truth?

D. Which other religions [or philosophies] make such an arrogant claim?







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