Trump Campaign Fabricates Joe Biden ‘Gaffe’ From Viral Tweet; Here’s What He Really Said

An official Twitter account for President Donald Trump’s campaign posted a video in which it claims former Vice President Joe Biden said “I’m going to beat Joe Biden,” but the video clearly shows that’s not at all what Biden said.

A Twitter user named “Jewish Deplorable” posted a short clip on Friday and captioned it “‘I’m going to beat Joe Biden’???”

That clip was subsequently posted by a variety of conservative blue checks, including Donald Trump Jr. and the “Trump War Room,” an official campaign account — which uploaded its own version of the clip instead of embedding the original.

But the clip doesn’t feature that quote at all. It’s from a Friday morning CNBC interview in which co-anchor Joe Kernan asked Biden if he would commit to governing as a “progressive.”

“I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years, and that I’m going to be Joe Biden,” Biden replied. “Look at my record.”

“I’m going to be Joe Biden” is what was said in the clip that the Trump campaign isolated from context, not “I’m going to beat Joe Biden.”


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