Can We Find The Ultimate Truth Through Christianity?

The ultimate truth is within people…all of us
What we need is the motivation to find it, and the means to recognize our ineluctable union with it

How Can We Find Truth?
1. One Way
We can do this by leading a moral life, by focusing our minds, and by developing wisdom.

2. Another Way: Create A Fable About A Woman Eating Fruit Illegally
Or, you can project this truth as if it were outside you, and call it God. Next, create a fable about forbidden fruit-eating against the rules of the projected God [i.e. truth] Then, when a wise man is tortured to death over three days by the Romans, you can a build a complex apologetic around his death, connect it with the ancient crime of forbidden fruit-eating, and develop a personality-cult around the dead person.

Many ways to see into the truth [Divine Insight]…these are but two of them.

Many fingers, pointing to just the one Moon…

A. Is there an Ultimate Truth?
B. What other ways do you know of to seek the Ultimate Truth?
C. Is there a ‘best’ way to seek it, if you think it exists?
D. Did eating the fruit cause Eve to become Enlightened, as for example, the Buddha was Enlightened?
E. Are Women more likely than Men to have Divine Insight, and thus to become Enlightened?

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